Exclusive Interview with My Cat!

7 things I learnt from my cat

Cat knows how to pose for a photo too…

One of the greatest gifts I received during my ascension process was my cat, Cat.

At the time Cat arrived on the scene, I was quite pleased because I sensed he would provide a relationship bond I was lacking at that particular time. However as time progressed I came to realize that Cat was more than just a pet – Cat was a spiritual teacher who entered my life at a very critical juncture.

Cat was a very fascinating animal, a complex and interesting individual with curious characteristics. Just watching Cat and his approach to common life issues sparked interesting insights that made me stop and rethink my own behaviour and habits. I acquired a great deal of spiritual wisdom and life psychology just by watching him and the way he approached the business of life.

Here’s an interview I had with Cat where he explains the philosophies that drive his lifestyle.

1) Cat knows what Cat wants. Cat does what Cat wants.

Me: Cat, this world is very confusing. So many people want so many different things, and people often expect us to do things different from what we want. How do you stay focused and manage these expectations without annoying other people?

Cat: Hahaha! Look, Human, it’s very simple. Cat is very clear on what Cat wants, and Cat has no problem saying no to what Cat doesn’t want. For example, if Cat isn’t hungry, even if you serve him the most tempting piece of fish or meat, he’ll simply sniff at it and walk away. And no matter how much Cat may love you, if Cat isn’t in the mood to be petted or played with he will push you away, ignore your calls and avoid your touch. You see?

But you humans, your behaviour is very strange indeed. You often fall into the trap of spending most of your time trying to please others rather than doing what is comfortable or appropriate for you. Sometimes you eat what you don’t like to avoid offending the people around you. Sometimes you eat what you don’t need because you are greedy! You even smile and shake hands with people you don’t like because you want to keep up appearances! Why?! Cat doesn’t do this! Unlike Cat, most of you are constantly compromising your happiness at every turn, you see?

2) Failure doesn’t faze Cat. He moves on quickly.

Me: Hmm, interesting. Now to another thing I noticed. Not everyone in the family likes you, and sometimes you get into trouble or find yourself on the receiving end of some … maltreatment. For example certain family members dislike you, bully you and chase you out of the house and you have to stay in hiding for a while to avoid them. And that time you got into a fight with the dog over a piece of fish and the dog bit you? You remember that? But you recover quickly from these misfortunes. You go on like it doesn’t matter, posing casually all over the house like life is perfect. How do you do that?

Cat: Haha, Human! You are so observant! Well, the truth is it doesn’t matter. Ok, bad things happen… So what? My job isn’t to worry about life. My job is to enjoy life. And focusing on who did what or what went wrong doesn’t allow me enjoy life, it keeps me from enjoying it, you see? And that doesn’t align with my goal. No, not at all. So I try not to focus on who did what or what went wrong, and in return I get more time to enjoy life! You see?

That’s not to say these things don’t make me feel bad. And you’ll notice that after those events I tend to avoid those disturbed people as much as possible. But I don’t worry myself hating them or looking for ways to revenge! No, no, no. That’s Nature’s job, you see! Nature will take care of that! For example, where’s the dog now?

Me: Hmm, that’s actually quite strange. The dog disappeared one day and never turned up.

Cat: You see!? Nature took care of it! Hahaha!

3) Cat is strong, but Cat is soft.

Me: Cat, you are a predator. You are fast and strong, and the terror of the smaller animals in the compound. You prey on the lizards, constantly look for a chance to pounce on the birds, and you generally seem to have no problem displaying your wild animal side. And at the same time, you’re soft. You don’t hide your need to be petted and admired, your need for touch and companionship. In fact you stroll right up and demand it as if you cannot be rejected. How do you reconcile these two sides: your hard, wild and your soft, gentle side?

Cat:  Hmm, very interesting question, Human! I must confess, I really don’t think about it the way you do. When you watch me, you see two sides: a hard, strong side and a soft, gentle side. I don’t think of myself as hard or soft at all! All the time I’m just being Cat, and I’m always focused on what I want. So if I feel like terrorizing some lizards, I do just that! And if I feel like rubbing up against you, I do just that! I don’t classify my actions as “hard” or “soft”!

In fact, I think this is one of the biggest problems with you humans – you overthink and overanalyze everything! Why don’t you just be what you feel like being at any particular moment and not worry about what it means? That’s what Cat does! Why don’t you try that?

Me: Hmm, such wisdom! Such simplicity! Cat, your balance of these two sides – your ability to express the most appropriate one without inhibition in each moment – is something I will be constantly observing and learning from.

Cat: Haha! Well, watch and learn, Human!

5) Cat takes his time.

Me: Now, Cat I’ve noticed you’re never in a hurry! (Ok, except when you’re really hungry and I’m serving you food.) Your normal pace is a slow, leisurely walk. You almost seems to live life in slow motion! Which is a major part of what gives you that sexy, majestic aura. (I read somewhere that the best way to become more attractive and confident was to do everything more slowly, and Cat certainly proves that to me.) And what’s even more interesting about your casualness is that you maintain it despite external pressures! How do you do that?

Cat: Hmm! You are a very curious Human indeed! So interested in watching Cat and Cat’s behaviour! Are you sure you aren’t a cat? Or maybe you were a cat before you became a Human?

Me: Uh, well… I don’t know. I’m not sure…

Cat: I wouldn’t be surprised! Your questions are very deep and insightful. Anyway, the answer: most of you are hurried and anxious because you are always rushing to meet some responsibility or expectation. These are external expectations – you are running up and down to please other people! If you focused less on pleasing others and more on enjoying your life, you would probably be a lot more like me. You would move slowly and deliberately, stretching every moment so you could enjoy even more of your life, you see? Hahaha! As far as I’m concerned, I am the Center of the Universe! Why do I have to hurry? Everything else can wait!

6) Cat is Cat. He isn’t trying to impress anyone.

Me: But don’t you ever feel the need to impress anyone? Don’t you feel sometimes that if you don’t act a certain way, people won’t like you, or will dislike you?

Cat: What? Cat is focused on Cat’s own pleasure and Cat’s own needs! Cat doesn’t have a problem saying no whenever Cat feels like! I know who I am – what I am – and I don’t feel the need to impress anybody. I don’t need to prove it to anyone! I see – I know – my own perfection! This doesn’t mean I always win every fight, or I always get my way. You see? I don’t need that to be perfect! I know I am perfect simply because I know I am. I don’t wake up some days and say, “Hmm, Cat you were perfect yesterday but you’re not perfect today.” No! Sometimes my fur may need a little lick here and there, but that’s normal! That doesn’t mean I’m not perfect! I’m never not perfect!

7) Cat speaks Cat. It’s not his fault that you don’t understand.

Me: There’s something else I noticed! You don’t seem to strain yourself to communicate. You just meow whatever you feel, and sometimes you do it so casually that I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say! Why don’t you put more effort into communicating clearly? Don’t you want people to understand what you’re saying?

Cat: Hmm. Ok, let’s look at it like this. When Cat speaks, he speaks from the heart. He makes a sound that expresses exactly the emotion he is feeling at that moment in time. You see? Whether you understand what he’s trying to say or not really doesn’t bother Cat. Cat’s purpose is to express himself, and he does that to his satisfaction. You see? This way Cat doesn’t try to impress anyone and just stays true to who and what he is.

Me: Well, of course you could argue that the purpose of communication is to be understood…

Cat: Yes, and sometimes (especially when Cat is hungry, because hunger is an emergency!) Cat will put in the extra effort to make sure Cat is heard! But mostly, Cat expresses himself as best he is able, with truth and from the soul, and leaves the interpretation up to you. It’s your job to listen, interpret and understand what Cat is trying to say – it’s not my job to force you to understand. You see?

Me: Hmm! Very deep! Thank you for reminding me why animals are such powerful spiritual teachers. I appreciate this wisdom you have shared with me, Cat!

Cat: You are welcome, Human! I find your curiosity about these matters very amusing!