How To Become Who You Really Are: 1 – Why Bother?

how to become who you really are

Are you ready to dig up the real you out of all those layers of illusion?

You know what? Today, let’s do something interesting: let’s bake a cake.

I hear you say, “What? Has Thomas of the Cosmos finally lost his cosmic mind?”

Ah, I know what you’re thinking, but this is no ordinary cake we want to bake here. This is a very special cake. It’s a cake called Who You Really Are.


Perhaps that’s what you’re thinking: “Why?”

“Why should I want to be Who I Really Am? Why can’t I just be cool and famous and popular like James Bond or Beyonce or Drake or Rihanna, or have rippling muscles like The Rock? Or why can’t I just invent some flashy, glamorous, playa alter ego who gets all the money and all the guys/ladies? I mean, fake it till you make it, right? Why would I ever want to be my old, boring self?” Or, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I’m great as I am. Life is good! Why mess with what’s already working?”

Hey, if your life is perfect, you can stop reading right here. If you’ve achieved everything you desire and can’t possibly imagine any way your life could get better, then this isn’t for you. But if you’re like me, you probably realize that the more you know, the farther you’ll go.  The purpose of life is constant learning, constant improvement. And what I’m offering you here isn’t a few ideas on how to make more money or how to make more friends. I’m trying to show you how to get to the core of who you are, not just as a man or woman, but as a spiritual being. How to become who God designed you to be. How to realize and achieve God’s dream for you. And how to achieve the greatest goal of all — your purpose for being here on Earth.

The primary purpose of the entire world these days seems to be to get you to spend all your time struggling to be something other than Who You Really Are. Television, billboards and magazines are screaming: “Use our revolutionary formula to become this ripped-up muscular hunk in 3 days!” or “Buy this car so you can magically start living a life of adventure!” or “Get this perfume so you can be fabulously sexy and ridiculously sought-after like this fabulously sexy and ridiculously sought-after model or celebrity!” On Facebook and social media, everybody seems to be saying, “Look at me and my wonderful husband/wife and my wonderful children in our wonderful expensive house! Don’t you wish you were just like me?” “Look at me having a fantastic time in a fantastic foreign country! Don’t you wish you were here, instead of stuck at home in your boring, little life?” 

Music videos are probably the worst of all: they’re mostly about people spending their time, energy and money trying to convince you that they have more money, friends, property, champagne, jewelry, sex, sex appeal and happiness than you.

What I’m saying should be obvious to just about anybody, so I won’t try to convince you of it. Instead, let’s take a look at something even more interesting — the social commentary it has generated, especially in the form of parodies and internet memes, which are my favorite. Take a look at these.

cologne with real muscle-building protein!

Old Spice parody of the “Get Muscles Quick!” culture

Lil Wayne Makes It Rain. This one gif contains all the essential elements of 99% of mainstream music today — wasteful spending, loose girls and musicians trying to convince you to listen to them because they’re better than you.



No, I didn’t stop there. For your viewing pleasure, I have put together some of my favorite internet memes about muscles, money and bitches — all that mainstream entertainment would have you believe are the only things that matter in life. Enjoy.

muscle memes

bitches and money memes

Some of the best muscles, bitches and money memes money can buy

Oh, and let’s not forget the immortal words of DJ Khaled …

dj khaled - you smart, you loyal

It pays to be smart and loyal to Dj Khaled. Yes it does.

The conclusion seems to be unanimous: the purpose of life is to fuck bitches and get money! … Or is it?

Am I saying any of this is wrong? No! I’m love hip hop culture too! There’s nothing wrong with muscles! There is no such thing as “right” or “wrong”. Right and wrong are just ideas. You are free to do whatever you will with your time, energy and money. (Just make sure you understand the consequences that will result from each of your actions.)

Money, muscles and bitches aren’t the problem. The problem starts when you begin to confuse what you see, hear and experience with Who You Really Are.

Think about it: if everyone is trying so hard to get you to be like them — to do what they are doing, to believe what they believe — and thereby distract you from being Who You Really Are, then there must be something really important about Who You Really Are, right?

Here’s why discovering Who You Really Are is the most important thing you should be doing:

  • The easiest thing you can be in this world is yourself. Everything else requires effort, even being James Bond. Being Who You Really Are is effortless, because, well, its Who You Really Are.
  • You may think Who You Really Are is boring, unlovable and not very interesting. That’s understandable – because you don’t know Who You Really Are. No, you don’t. Most likely, the person you know right now — the person you call yourself — is a collection of ideas, habits and behaviours that have been forced and conditioned onto you by society as you grew up. You have been molded and shaped to fit in with the expectations and beliefs of your parents, your teachers, your peers, your boyfriends and girlfriends, your employers. You are not Who You Really Are at all. What you really are right now is a pawn – a product – of society. And this is the cause of most people’s dissatisfaction with life, their suffering, and their insatiable desire for more money, more houses, more cars — more, more, more. They are pretending to be something they are not, and it is hard, and it causes pain.
  • Being – or rather, discovering – Who You Really Are is not only the easiest thing you can do, it is the plug for that emptiness, that hole inside you that all the money, drugs, sex and possessions in the world cannot fill. It is all you ever wanted, all you really want.
  • Your deepest desires and ambitions are an expression of Who You Really Are. And the easiest way, the most effortless way, to realize and fulfill them is to simply discover and live as Who You Really Are. Trying to achieve them any other way will result in struggle, roadblocks and frustration, which you are probably already familiar with.

There are one million and one self-help gurus out there who have one process or the other for changing your life. I’m sure those are great too. But this is different. This is the method my Spirit Guides taught me, and I believe in it because I used it myself. It’s no flimsy cosmetic makeover. It will aggressively scrub your life up right from your foundations. It will rip your social mask — the social persona that society has taught you to wear — right off, turn you completely inside out, and present a brand-new you to the world. After you really get into this process, you will never be the same again. This is self-improvement, Spirit Style.

I’m going to give you the recipe for this cake, but it’s quite a long and involved process. So I will break it into parts. Over the next few weeks, I will post steps of the process for becoming Who You Really Are. Try not to rush through it. Focus on each part, read it till it makes sense, and look for how you can apply the ideas in your daily life before you move to the next step. This is the best way to get this process to work for you.

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