Communicating With The Universe: 1 – Introduction

spirit guides

Your spirit guides are the most wonderful friends God could ever give you.

Spirit guides! Spirit guides! Hahaha! Oh my God, I love them! They’re the best idea God ever had since… well… uh, you know… spirit guides!

High Five To My Amazing Spirit Guides! You Are The Best Spirit Guides In The Entire History Of Spirit-Guiding!

Let me tell you a story about spirit guides!

Once upon a time I was in secondary school. (True story.) Anyway, while I was in school, I was generally regarded as some kind of genius. I always seemed to have the answer, and I could pass exams easily without sleepless nights of study. Of course, part of the reason for that was that I had a wonderful retentive memory, and I put it to good use in class, so I didn’t need to do too much reading after that to make the lesson stick. The other part was… hahaha! how did you guess? Spirit guides! Let me give you an example.

One day I was sitting at home idle. This was during the holidays. I was bored and looking for a way to entertain myself – young, restless minds, sigh! – when an interesting thought suddenly popped into my mind from nowhere.

“Why don’t you pick up a textbook and read up in advance for next term? You might get a good head start on your schoolwork if you do.”

This seemed like a good idea. We were going to start further maths classes the next term. Further maths is like normal mathematics, except that if mathematics is an alien language to you (and trust me, I understand), further maths would be that alien language’s professor cousin on drugs. You seriously wouldn’t like it. But it interested me, because at the time I felt it held some secrets I needed to understand… what? Anyway, ahem, back to the story!

Luckily, I found one of my dad’s old math textbooks. I opened it up and studied some basic differentiation operations. It was interesting and surprisingly easy. About an hour later, I put the book away and went on with my life.

Cut to the following term. We were in class, and the further maths teacher walks in. He goes up to the board and writes the topic for the day, and guess what it is! Yep… differentiation.

An electric excitement coursed through me. I sat there throughout the whole one hour class, trying not to raise my hand and say something clever. But towards the end of his lecture, he made an error in his calculations, and if I had let it go it wouldn’t have helped the class.

Preparation meets opportunity!

My hand shot up.

“Yes, Thomas?”

The whole class turned to look at me. They assumed I was going to ask a question, because the whole lecture had been greek to them. It was the most complex stuff they had ever seen, and I could tell everyone was scared shitless of having to write an exam on it … I would have been scared too if not for my advance reading.

“You made a mistake on the board,” I said, trying to act calm. “That part there should actually be rĀ²/2.”

He looked at the section of the board I was pointing at, and it dawned on him that I was right. “Oh, yes! Sorry!” And he corrected the mistake.

The whole class was gaping at me. There was an absolute silence. I sat down slowly, trying not to meet any of the shocked stares.

And this is just a small example of the massive advantages that pallying up with your spirit guides can confer on you.

Super-intelligence At Your Disposal

Of course, at the time I didn’t even realize that my spirit guides were the ones working so hard to make me look good. I just took it for granted that I had a friendly voice that whispered good information into my ear whenever I needed it. And this is how most spirit guides and guardian angels toil thanklessly day after day for the billions of people incarnate on this planet.

Imagine a committee of super-intelligent beings, organized with the sole purpose of assisting you in solving your problems and making a success of your life. They understand and sympathize with everything you are doing, thinking and feeling, and are not limited by time, so they can see both the past and the future. They can also see everyone else’s past and future, and what everyone else is doing, thinking and feeling right now. And based on this superior knowledge and perspective they can pull strings to create the best outcomes for you, and give you recommendations about what you should be doing, thinking and planning right now. They can explain to you why certain situations are occurring in your life, and how to turn those problems into opportunities. They can advise you about who to associate with and who to avoid. They can show you on how to work less and make more money. They can plot you a direct path to your highest and most promising future, and help you make sure you stay on that golden track.

They even save you time and money by giving you valuable information. For example, “The person you’re planningĀ  to go and visit is not home right now. Don’t bother going.” And other time-saving tips like that.

Sounds wonderful right? Who wouldn’t want that kind of backup? Well, there’s just one problem: they need your ongoing permission and cooperation to achieve all this for you. And you don’t give them that, because you don’t believe they exist, or you are totally unaware of their presence.

Yes. The Universe, your Higher Self, your spirit guides and guardian angels cannot violate your free will. And so if you tell them to bug off and stop disturbing you — or if you ignore their messages and attempts to guide you, which is more or less the same thing — they can only stand by and watch helplessly as you squander opportunity after opportunity for success, and slowly transform your life into a steaming pile of chaos, tears and regrets.

This is why you must make it your urgent priority to learn to communicate with your non-physical team and identify their attempts to intervene in your life. And this series of articles is exactly about that — how to develop stronger, clearer communication with your spiritual support squad (your higher dimensional homies) and work harmoniously with them to create an award-winning life full of impossible luck and jaw-dropping fortunate coincidences. Because that’s what luck really is: it’s just the result of your spirit guides working overtime in the background to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

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