2. The Hall of Mirrors

Dear Human Being,

There is a lot of confusion around what a Human Being is. On the one hand, we preach that God made man in His image. On the other, we make excuses for our failures saying, “I’m not perfect — I’m just an ordinary human being.”

Are you an Ordinary Human Being? Are you a spirit? Or are you Spirit pretending to be Human?

The reason for most of the suffering, confusion and frustration in your life may be that you have never really sat down to consider this riddle. You may be trying to be What You Are Not. You may have forgotten What You Are. You may have forgotten Who You Are. And because you don’t know Who You Are, your power is not obvious to you.

Maybe I am here to remind you of your power. To remind you of the Miracle that you are. And I will do this by explaining certain things about The Universe you live in.

To begin, let me try to describe The Universe as I have come to understand it.

To describe The Universe in terms of a single thing would be impossible simply because the Universe has an uncountable number of faces. How The Universe appears to you depends not only on who you are (or who you think you are), but also on what you are looking at and what you expect to see.

There are several models I like to use to explain The Universe because they capture most of the truths I have observed about it. They first of these is The Hall of Mirrors model.

The Hall of Mirrors

Brandon Lee in a Hall of Mirrors

In the Hall of Mirrors, your deadliest enemy is you.

Imagine that you had never seen a mirror before. Imagine you suddenly woke up one morning and found yourself in a room with no windows, no doors, and no furniture of any kind. Imagine that this room was made up of only walls, a floor and ceiling, and they were all mirrors.

Naturally, you would be scared and confused. You would look at the reflections in the mirrors and you wouldn’t understand what you were looking at.

To make matters even more confusing, let’s say the mirrors were all different types distorting mirrors. Some were convex and some were concave. Some reflections were slightly distorted and others were extremely distorted. You would be surrounded by monsters. Everytime you moved in any particular direction, the monsters in that direction would seem to advance closer to you. Everytime you raised your arm, one or all of the monsters would seem to be making threatening gestures towards you. Despite the fact that you were looking at your own reflection, you would be scared out of your mind and feel the need to protect or defend yourself from all these illusory enemies.

As if that isn’t bad enough, let’s add more confusion: your reflections are delayed by 3 minutes. It will take 3 minutes for your reflections to mirror any action you are performing right now.

At this point, if I told you that you were the only one in this room, you would have a hard time believing me. You would think I was lying.

Can you see the implications of this yet?

Implications of the Hall of Mirrors Model

The Universe is a Hall of Mirrors. Everything happening around you is a reflection of something you are doing, something you have done, or even something you are going to do in the future.

Nothing happens randomly or by coincidence. Everything has an underlying cause, and everything has a purpose and meaning.

Everything you experience is a result of an action by your past, present, or future self.

Everything is you experience, both good and bad, is caused by you.

How can this be true? You want to argue: “No, that’s not right! What about that day I was walking innocently down the street, minding my own business, and that person came up to me and slapped me/robbed me/insulted me? For no reason! How was that my fault?”

Well, as I have found out, there are two possible reasons why anything happens to you:

1) as a direct result of something you have done, or

2) as catalyst.

1. Direct Results of Your Actions

Do to others as you would have them do unto you.
— Luke 6:31

The Golden Rule is not new to most people. But most people who read this statement may not realize the hidden metaphysical principles it is hinting at. Jesus — or Yeshua, as I prefer to call him — wasn’t simply trying to say, “Be nice to your neighbours and fellow humans if you want to live a long, peaceful life.” Yes, that’s one way to interpret his statement. But there is a deeper meaning to these words.

Yeshua was trying to hint at a very interesting feature of Earth reality: the “Manifestation Lag” or “Cause-Effect Lag.” Basically, everything that happens to you is a result of something you have done. But the reason this may not be obvious to you is that the consequences of your actions are separated from the actions themselves by a time lag. There is a time delay between the actions you perform and the consequences which boomerang back upon you. Which means by the time the consequences arrive, you usually have forgotten all about how you caused them.

Let’s take Mr. A for instance. Let’s say Mr. A robbed somebody today. Let’s even say the police caught him and sent him to jail. Mr. A did his time in jail, repented of his evil ways and was a model prisoner. Eventually, he earned his release and began a new, honest life. At this point, you might assume Mr. A has fully paid for the crime he committed. Not at all. One day in the not-too-far future, Mr. A may be walking along the street and he will be the victim of a robbery. Or he will lose something valuable, the same way he took something of value from his original victim.

Does this seem harsh? The Universe does not rely on man-made punishments to balance offenses. It always administers its own measures to restore balance, no matter what the offender may have suffered in the interim.This is why revenge does not result in you living happily ever after. It always causes more misfortune and more violence, because The Universe doesn’t regard your revenge as payment for an offense you suffered – it regards your revenge as a fresh offense, requiring balance or punishment. Or, if you look at it another way, you must experience the result of every action you perform.

(As an interesting side note, if you’ve seen the 2015 movie Criminal Activities, this is exactly what Marquis the drug dealer is hinting at during the discussion about 62 mins into the film. It’s funny how some of life’s most powerful truths are cleverly hidden in movies.)

marquis from the movie Criminal Activities (2015)

Marquis hints at the mysterious workings of karma.

Your actions are composed of energy and intention. The energy and intentions you send out always come back to you eventually. What goes around always comes around. The circuit of action-experience must be completed.

If this seems hard to believe, you may be able prove it to yourself. How can you pair an effect with the action that caused it? What test can you use to see this for yourself?

Well, try to look more closely at the circumstances of each particular event. Try these guidelines:

  • How did the attack/event that you suffered make you feel? Can you remember any incident where you did something that made someone (or even an animal) feel the same way?
  • What locations did both events occur? Personally I was surprised to find that in some cases, the cause and effect occurred within meters of each other, although being separated by a few years of time. And the environments were often similar – on one occasion, both cause and effect happened on the same stretch of road. On another occasion, both happened in a restaurant.
  • What kind of attack did you perpetrate/suffer? Did you attack someone with a knife, only to be attacked with a knife/broken glass/sharp object at a later date? Did you cheat someone, only to have something (or someone) valuable taken from you?  Or were you publicly rude to somebody only to later be insulted publicly for no apparent reason, in an incident that seems totally unrelated?

Take a moment and think about this. If you look closely at your experiences, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to see the connection between at least one of your negative experiences and one of your previous misdeeds. The rewards for your good deeds should be more obvious.

Here are just two examples out of many I have observed in my own life.

When I was in University I got into a quarrel with a friend of mine. It seemed like a minor disagreement until he suddenly smashed me on the head with a piece of broken concrete. The concrete shattered. I was traumatized. For years after this, I believed I was an innocent victim of unjust violence. However, when my Spirit Guides introduced me to this principle, I suddenly saw the relationship between that event and another one 3 years earlier. A day when I picked up the cat, and the cat got scared and gave me a deep bite on the hand. In pain, I slammed it against the concrete ground, almost killing it. Do you see the connection? Violence using concrete was rewarded with violence using concrete.

Another time, I opened the car door in busy traffic and a motorcyclist carrying a passenger sped straight into it. The passenger – a man – injured his knee and moaned and complained bitterly for the next 30 minutes. I apologized over and over like a broken record, but inwardly I was really more embarrassed than compassionate, and wanted to get away as quickly as possible. I offered him some money. The man angrily looked at me and showed me bundles of cash bulging in his pockets. “Do you think money is my problem?” he shouted at me.

About 2 years later, on the same stretch of road, I was trying to get on a bus. The bus driver wouldn’t slow down enough for me to get on, and I fell and sustained an ugly wound to my knee. The driver and conductor apologized several times, but the more they apologized, the more angry I became. However, I had pockets full of sensitive and valuable items, and so I couldn’t really get into a fight with them – I had to get the items home quickly. Can you see the similarities?

I have even been able to calculate the time lag in my own events to be an average of 2 to 3 years. However, as we proceed into the Age of Aquarius and the Earth ascends, karmic retribution seems to be speeding up. Recently I have observed that my actions can boomerang in a matter of days.

This doesn’t just apply to “evil” deeds, this applies to good deeds as well. Good deeds multiply and boomerang even faster than evil ones.

(For an interesting angle on this and other ideas, read Zingdad’s Ascension Papers http://zingdad.com/publications/books/the-ascension-papers-book-1)

It can be very emotionally disturbing to you to discover that this is true. But the point of realizing the truth of this is not for you to spend the rest of your life beating yourself up for everything bad that happened to you. The point is for you to understand that you are not a victim – you create your own reality. Blaming anyone, including yourself, does not make things better. You made mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. You have been misusing your power, but now you have the opportunity to do better, to use your power to create what you want, not what you don’t want. The first step to fixing this situation to become aware of it, which you are doing now. You can begin to observe your thoughts and actions more carefully, and avoid actions which can trigger unpleasant reactions. You can harness your power and create more positive experiences in future.

2. Catalyst

Catalyst is any situation, circumstance or set of circumstances which God or your Higher Self (which are really two names for the same thing) creates in your life for the purpose of advancing your spiritual growth. In a sense, everything that happens in your life is catalyst, including your actions, the circumstances surrounding them, and their results or consequences. (For those of you who like to do your own research, catalyst is discussed frequently in The Law of One. Warning: the material is written in a way that may be quite difficult to follow.)

baby born with birth defect

Congenital birth defects – karmic punishment or catalyst?

Why are some people born deformed or blind? Why do some people suffer violence or trauma as children, even babies? What could they have done as babies to deserve that kind of punishment?

Is it karma? Some people interpret such situations to mean those people are paying for crimes or misdeeds they committed in past lives. Maybe. But there is a bigger picture than that, and that’s what I’m trying to paint here.

Your life on Earth is monitored and coordinated by a higher spiritual intelligence. Most people do not doubt this. Most people call it God. However, what is not so obvious to most people is that the higher spiritual intelligence we are talking about is You. Your Future Self.

As I will try to show in future articles, your spiritual development proceeds outside of Time. (Because outside of Earthly reality, in the spiritual realms, the laws of time do not exist.) And as you evolve spiritually, you become more and more powerful, more and more wise, and more and more aware. Eventually, at the culmination of your spiritual evolution, you arrive at a point where you are virtually omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. You know everything. You can do anything. You are everything. At this point, you are no longer you – you have become You. Which is to say, Everything. You are One with the Universe, and One with God.

All of this happens outside the concept of Time, which means that this You we are talking about is not somewhere in the future. This You is here Now. Supervising and coordinating and orchestrating your life, so that your life events and lessons can lead you to become Him or Her.

Okay. But you ask: Why does You seem to want you to suffer all the time? Why does You never seem to give you exactly what you want?

Well, you have to realize that, as far as Spirit is concerned, the goal of becoming You is the biggest and most important ambition possible. Life does not end – life is eternal. Death is an illusion. And since Spirit is eternal, the ambitions of Spirit have to be focused on something that has eternal, everlasting value. Spirit can’t gamble its eternal existence on a scheme to make worthless, Earth paper money. Nothing else comes even remotely close in importance to the goal of becoming You. And if it takes a some heartbreak and disappointment here and there to achieve this, it is well worth the goal. I mean, we are talking about achieving infinite and unlimited power. What ambition is more worthwhile than that?

Besides, as I have discovered, most of your difficulty and suffering comes from being out of harmony with Life. In fact, your difficult circumstances are Spirit’s attempt to get you back in to the proper flow of Life, so your life can proceed more smoothly and joyfully. Do you realize that you will always gain far more wisdom from a single month of struggling to overcome difficult circumstances than you will from an entire lifetime of lying around a luxurious mansion with excess food, money and entertainment at your beck and call? Physical handicaps can teach you strength and determination. Oppression and low self-esteem can provide the ideal circumstances to learn to stand up for yourself and realize your own value. Developing these qualities will lead to natural and effortless improvements of your standard of living.

Therefore, God’s plan for you is not about spending the majority of your existence in drudgery and suffering just to achieve unlimited consciousness. You can be successful beyond your wildest dreams. You may get rid of your physical handicaps. You can rise above poverty and other undesirable life circumstances. But you can only do that if you thoroughly learn and absorb the lessons you are meant to derive from those difficult circumstances. And, in my experience, one of the most important of these lessons is that happiness does not depend on external circumstances. Some of the most miserable people live in huge, luxurious estates, and some of the happiest people sleep in the street. Some of the most successful people are physically handicapped, and a lot of perfectly fit people can’t seem to make any business succeed. You can be happy, no matter what your circumstances may appear to be. Happiness and success are not about what is happening to you. Happiness and success come from what you do with what is happening to you. Can you see how learning this can make you successful in the most powerful, unimaginable way? Can you see how this can make you successful, happy and free from external worries?

This means that even events which do not seem to result from any action you remember performing are caused and allowed by You. And You allow them for the purpose of your spiritual development – so that you can grow and develop and become the Infinite, Unlimited You.

So, dear Human Being, do you see you are never a victim of circumstance? Nothing that happens to you is random. Whatever happens to you – whatever situation you find yourself in – may be caused by you, but is definitely allowed to occur by You, for the purpose of your spiritual growth.

If you have been following my train of thought, you may have a few questions on your mind by now. Like, what does everyday life look like to somebody who realizes that everyone and everything around them is a reflection of themselves? Or, how do you win a battle when the only enemy on the battlefield is you? Or (and this was my favourite for a very long time), if you know you are the only one here, and you are doing everything that is happening to you to yourself, then what are you doing here? Why can’t you just put the whole game down and leave?

These are interesting questions. And we will explore them as we proceed. I have left out a lot of interesting nuances to keep this article brief, because I am only attempting to build a foundation on which I can present even more advanced ideas about life and its meaning and purpose in future articles.

As always, please remember that these are my understandings and my ideas. They may or may not be relevant to you. If they make sense to you and you see how you can apply them in your own life, that’s great. If they make no sense to you and you can’t see any use for them, throw them away. Let your common sense and intuition be your guide. Read the disclaimer.