How To Become Who You Really Are: 5 – Focus on the Now

The Now is the most powerful and enlightening place to be.

The Now is the most powerful and enlightening place to be.

When you have begun to regain control of your mind and thoughts, your ability to stay in the present moment – the Now – will increase. If you want to make the most impact in your life, if you want to create a better and brighter future, the Now is where you want to be. It is where you want to make all your decisions from.

My guardian, the ancient and wise Archangel Uriel, taught me a lot of useful things about the Now, which I will share with you.

Be Happy Now

If you want to life a happy life, always focus on being happy Now.

99% of human beings live their entire lives postponing happiness. This is what they do:

The never ending search for fulfillment

The never ending search for fulfillment

It’s not always exactly like this. The object of pursuit may vary, but the pattern is usually the same.

Uriel taught me not to do this. He said, “Instead of waiting till you get the 100-bedroom house, the Rolls Royce, the gold Rolex, the diamond-encrusted phone, the Swiss account and the uncountable other possessions before you allow yourself to be happy, why don’t you just be happy right now? Be happy this moment. Be happy every moment from now till the end of your life. Then you can be happy even while you’re working to get those things you want. Don’t postpone your happiness till something or someone comes. If you want to have a happy life, start being happy right now, just as you are. If you continue to postpone happiness into the future, time will pass by and you will never arrive at happiness. You will always be waiting for something to make you happy, and it will only make you happy for a little while before you need something else.”

Pay Attention to the Energies of Now

The more time you spend thinking about the past and the future, the less time you have to notice what conditions and opportunities are around you right now.

Today might be a perfectly fine day, full of pleasures and opportunities. And yet, if you are busy living in the negative energy of two days ago, when you had a fight with your coworker, you may not notice the pleasant energy of today at all. In fact, if someone greeted you cheerfully, “Good morning!” you might take it as an insult and proceed to start a fight.

Living with past energies causes you to act from those energies, which makes past events and situations repeat themselves. Try to focus on the energy of today. Is today the same as yesterday? Does it feel the same? Is the world today reacting to you the way it did yesterday?

With practice, you will be able to tune into current energies and discard stale ones. This will greatly improve your power to use opportunities and situations to steer your life in the direction you want.

Focus on what you need to do Right Now

If you want a successful future, don’t think about the future, focus on what you can do Now.

URIEL: “Thinking about the future, visualizing it, worrying and hoping about it, crying about it do not help create a more desirable future for you. Instead, all they do is distract you from the present, in which you have the opportunity to create the future you are so concerned with.

If you must visualize the future, visualize your future self, your future personality, not a future place or time. Focus on improving yourself, and as you improve, you will attract better opportunities and take better advantage of them.

You will not create a better future by changing the world. You will create a better future by changing yourself. Forget about what other people are doing. Focus on what you are doing right now, and do it to the best of your ability.”

Focusing only on what you are doing and thinking right now will create the best possible future for you, simply because in every moment you are giving your maximum attention to everything you are doing. Every moment, you are doing your best, which can only lead to great achievements. It brings you peace of mind because gradually you abandon the habit of worrying about the future or regretting the past, which is a waste of your mental power and emotional energy.

Self-Improvement is Eternal. And it starts Now.

Focus on improving yourself right Now. Keep doing that forever.

URIEL: “Death is an illusion. Your body will die, but You will live forever. And the goal of existence is continuous, never-ending improvement.

All the improvement you make in this life, you will take with you after your body passes away. And you will continue to build on that foundation in eternity. So do not focus on acquiring property. Do not focus on acquiring money. As you improve, as you become better and better and master the Game of Life, all those things will naturally be attracted to you. You will become popular, people will consult your wisdom and hire your talents, and wealth will will come into your possession effortlessly. You will not need to struggle for it, and you will leave it behind after you die. But your improvements will be part of you, and will continue forever into eternity.”

So, if you understand this, your primary goal – your only goal, second by second, moment by moment — must be to become better and better. Your only focus in every moment must be improving yourself, using every event, experience and avenue.

Self-improvement is the goal of eternity. Continuous self-improvement is the only worthwhile goal in the Universe.

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