Multidimensional Self-Evolution

Self-improvement or self-evolution is basically the process of making small changes to your daily life at the most fundamental level. These small changes then add up to trigger even bigger shifts, and the process becomes exponential and takes on a life of its own. After a certain point, self-improvement becomes automatic. It becomes a habit and proceeds on autopilot.

As the process goes on, these changes begin to occur in several layers simultaneously and become more and more exponential.

In this discussion, I want to delay discussing the “spiritual” aspects of self-improvement because you may need a foundation first, so you don’t dismiss them as “strange” and only relevant to “spiritual people” and “psychics”. I want to focus first on the physical foundations of self-improvement, in a practical way you can understand.

Your Brain

Your brain hardwires itself for improvement at whatever you think most about

Your brain hardwires itself for improvement at whatever you think about most

Your brain is designed to get better and better at doing whatever mental tasks you perform most frequently. You will build neural pathways that will enable you master such mental tasks to the point where you can eventually perform them or trigger them with little or no conscious awareness or effort.

This is why thinking negative, self-defeating thoughts and always looking for what is wrong in the world can become a habit that spirals out of control and creates the experience of living in hell. By focusing on what is wrong, you become a “What Is Wrong” Master. You train your brain to always see what is wrong, and you develop the ability to see wrong even where there is no problem.

On the other hand, if you take the trouble and effort to reverse this process through the habits of meditation, quieting your mind and looking for things to appreciate in your daily life, you restructure your brain for happiness and positivity. You become a “What Is Good” Master. Your brain rewires itself so that it can see more and more of what is good. You eventually develop the ability to laugh joyfully in situations where others are butting their heads against the wall in frustration.

You begin to “see” the Cosmic Joke.

It is this Cosmic Joke that makes the Buddha laugh, and makes the Christ shake his head in pity.

I will discuss the Cosmic Joke later. It’s very interesting.

Outward Radiation

As you become a “What Is Good” Master, you will naturally develop a positive, funny and encouraging presence. People will enjoy being around you and may even go out of their way to look for opportunities to interact with you. They will trust you more and want to bring more opportunities, business and even gifts to you.

They will thank you and appreciate you, and you will be confused about what they are thanking you for, because you are simply being yourself. However, by simply being your positive, appreciative self, you make the world incrementally better and happier for everyone you encounter. You spread love and joy without even realising it, and with no effort on your part. You become a celebrity simply by being you.

On the other hand, as a “What Is Wrong” Master, you will see problems everywhere and hate yourself and your life, and you will make life hard for everyone around you. Nothing anyone does will be able to please you for long, if it pleases you at all. You will even be suspicious of people who are spending their time, money or energy just trying to do you a favour and you will come across as ungrateful. As a result, fewer and fewer people will want to help you or associate with you, and you will sink into greater loneliness and misery. Alternatively, you might not be lonely as you may find comfort with other people like yourself and have long discussions about “how messed up the world is” and how stupid and selfish other people are.

This is The Law of Attraction at its simplest.

Universal Assistance

This is the “spiritual” part.

As you go deeper and deeper into your chosen polarization (i.e. love vs hate or light vs dark) you will come to the notice of higher dimensional entities aligned with those particular orientations. Your efforts in your chosen direction will produce an attraction which will compel them to assist you and give you breakthroughs.

If you are oriented towards light, the breakthroughs may come in the form of brilliant ideas on how to make your life and the world a better place, how to invent new things that will improve life, or how to redesign yourself for a better and more fulfilling existence.

If you are on the path of darkness, these forces will inspire you with ways to manipulate greater and greater amounts of people, ways to compete with and do more harm to others.

These ideas will come like light bulb moments in your head. Like sudden, brilliant inspirations. Or you may be led to books or situations where you will be able to access such ideas.

These STS (service to self) or STO (service to other) forces align with you to help you realize your maximum potential on your chosen path. To speed up your evolution in the direction you are heading.

(They are actually parts of you that are outside space and time, but let’s leave that alone for now.)

This is basically the process for how you get a Jesus or a Hitler.

Mitigating Factors

Evolving to your maximum potential on Earth would be a speedy and straightforward process, if not for some particular factors which act to slow down your speed of growth.

1) Level of dedication to path of polarization — Even the world’s most evil person isn’t evil 100% of the time. And even if he/she is, it takes time and extreme dedication to get to that level of mastery.

So the fact that we tend to fluctuate in the intentions behind our actions means that we do not evolve in a straight line, but in a sort of jagged curve.

2) Correlation of result with action — Most people cannot correctly correlate up to 70% of what they experience with the actions they took that caused them. Their minds are too clouded with past regrets and future worries to understand the full implications of the action they are performing right now.

This makes for very poor efficiency, and makes it extremely difficult for them to correctly calculate the shortest path to their maximum potential.

These factors also make it very easy for you to believe you are a victim, and not actually the cause of your own problems, and this makes mastery of your life seem like an impossible dream.

Predicting the Future

There are several possible futures to go from here, not one.

There are several possible futures to go from here, not one.

Uriel taught me some very brilliant things about projecting the future.

He said, “I will teach you how to predict the future.”

I was excited. “Okay! Tell me!”

He smiled. “Very simple. Look at what you are doing Now.

If you are careless now, you will improve and become more careless in the future. If you focus on being happy, you will be even more happy in the future. If you focus on problems, you will have even more problems in the future.”

I thought about this. “But what if I change my mind and stop being careless? Or I stop being unhappy? Won’t the future change too?”

“Ah,” he said, “it will not. Because that will not be the same future. That will be a different future entirely.

That was the first explanation I ever got of existential timelines.

There is not only one future. There are a multitude of futures waiting, depending on what you are doing Now. And as you change your mind and actions, you frequently orient yourself or “steer” your life towards one particular future or the other.

To be a Master and to achieve maximum evolution in the shortest possible time, you must find a way to align yourself towards a particular desired future and keep driving unwaveringly in that direction.

This is one of the services spirit guides, guardian angels and ancestors provide. They observe your progress from a higher dimensional perspective and advise you on where to make changes to shorten the path to your best possible future.

You will not be able to take full advantage of this service unless you develop the power to listen very carefully and notice signs in your day to day life, and immediately move to implement suggestions as soon as these spirit helpers give them to you.

The ability to listen to gain understanding (not to listen so you can argue) is the greatest and most valuable talent you will ever develop.

Make a promise to yourself to begin to work on that skill from this moment on. You will thank yourself for this later.

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