Coke Country

Coca Cola was looking to do something special for its annual staff convention. The partner agency I worked for needed visualization for its retreat concept called “Coke Country”. The concept was to immerse the visitors in a fantasy that they were vistors in a republic that was completely designed and organized around the Coca Cola brand.

To achieve this effect I had to come up with logos, branded materials and prop designs that would support this immersive experience.

Here are some of the designs I produced.

Coke Country Logo

In line with the Coca Cola brand colours, I came up with a logo for Coke Country that was designed to convey fun, excitement and escape. Happy faces, flags, planes ready to take the visitor on exotic trips (the Coke Country Airforce), and coke bottles cheerfully pumping out smoke/vapour (the Coke Country industry).

Entering Coke Country

Coke Country passport cover designs

Part of the concept was the Coke Country immigration process, in which visitors would present their Coke Country passport booklets for approval at the Coke Country immigration area.

Coke Country immigration area sign

Coke Country immigration desk

Coke Country immigration area

I was also asked to design special branded tshirts corresponding to the main Coca Cola products. Visitors would be assigned to groups based on these branded factions.

Coke Country branded tshirts

Coke Country branded tshirts (back)

Coke Country officers hats

Part of the event was a grand Coke Country gala night. The venue would feature colour-coded seating arrangements for the different Coke Country factions. I visualized this in the artwork below.

Coke Country gala night


Adobe Photoshop