NIBSS Brand Redesign

The NIBSS is the main institution responsible for transaction settlement between Nigerian banks. It also hosts a lot of critical services like the Nigerian Central Switch, Payment Terminal and NEFT services which provide the means for smooth transaction flow between online customers, merchants, banks and account holders. In 2018, it celebrated its 20th anniversary and was looking to do a brand overhaul and create more public awareness about its services.

As part of the design agency UNA Collective, I was deeply involved in the process of conceptualizing and designing this new brand identity.

Beehive-inspired shapes for the logo base

Considering the critical role played by the NIBSS in maintaining financial connections and relationships in the Nigerian economy, I was inspired to compare it to a beehive. The beehive is a hub of activity for various types of hardworking bees, and it serves the functions of storing, protecting and uniting their efforts. (Similar to what the NIBSS does for its financial stakeholders.)

Brand colour palette for the NIBSS redesign

I decided on a nature-green brand palette for the brand. Green is the national colour of Nigeria, and in the popular consciousness it is linked to money, growth and progress.

The new NIBSS everyday logo and special anniversary logo

Out of the manipulation of these two elements emerged the logos above – the normal NIBSS logo and a special 20th anniversary logo.

Branding Applications

For presentation purposes I applied the new brand design to various items, including stationery…

… office space …

The NIBSS Anniversary Brochure

I also created a special corporate profile brochure in PowerPoint, designed to help explain the institution and its functions to the layman and create wider appreciation for the NIBSS and its services. The beehive shapes featured prominently as a design element.


Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft PowerPoint