Oxygen Broadband Brand Design

In 2012, UNA Collective (the design firm in which I worked) was hired to develop a brand identity and market entry plan for a startup called Oxygen Broadband.

After some design experiments and bouncing ideas around, we settled upon an “O” radiating a wifi signal as the basic form for the logo. I refined this idea and eventually arrived at the logo designs presented above.

One significant design decision we made was to use a blimp as a signature design element of the Oxygen brand.

Just like a blimp can go anywhere because it is carried by air, the use of the blimp signified the wide availability of the Oxygen wifi service to users everywhere in Nigeria.

I designed the blimp to be friendly-looking and to give the Oxygen brand a bit of a softer perception. And I made sure to include the blimp element when I designed the official tshirts, jackets, website and product designs.

Oxygen official tshirt design

Oxygen jackets with blimp design element

Oxygen website homepage, including the blimps in the background

Oxygen For Business product header design

Oxygen For You product header design


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