WEFA2014 Ad Design

WEFA2014 billboard design version 1

In 2014, Nigeria hosted the 24th edition of the World Economic Forum on Africa (WEFA2014). I was hired to design billboards and online ads for the event.

My Idea

I came up with a design featuring the word “welcome” in various languages. To express the idea of “lots of people sharing their opinion”, I added rows of little stick people with colourful speech boxes floating over their heads.

WEFA2014 billboard design version 2

For the online ads, I decided to use short, thought-provoking quotes from the major speakers at the event to grab the viewers’ attention. I coupled this with high-contrast, black and white headshots for even more intensity, to provoke curiosity.

I also experimented with a second set composed mainly of grey tones, with the flag-mosaic Nigerian map for contrast.


Adobe Photoshop