3. The Divine Drama

the divine drama

The wake-up call.

Dear Earth Being,

You may not realize your whole life is a role in a movie.

You may go about your life and conduct your daily business completely unaware of the fact that you are an actor in a huge, cosmic play.

Life is a sweeping, grand drama playing out with you as a witness. In this super-realistic drama, you and your fellow actors are tied to your roles by your beliefs, your emotions, your memories, your fears and your ambitions.

Most of these actors believe they are the bodies they live in. Most of them hold on to one identity or the other in the fear that the loss of that identity would destroy them. And you will have a hard task convincing them otherwise.

And yet every identity, everything you think you are, is just a collection of ideas stacked one on top of the other.

Who Are You?

family tree

Are you nothing more than the sum of your relationships?

If I were to ask you the simple question “Who are you?” how would you go about explaining who you are to me?

Would you begin to describe yourself in terms of your relationships? “I am the son of A, I am the daughter of B, X is my brother and Y is my sister?” “I am the CEO of corporation X and the employee of Y International Industries?”

Or would you attempt to describe yourself in terms of what you do, or the actions your body performs? “I am a gardener.” “I am a painter.” “I work in electrical engineering.” “I am a nuclear physicist with XYZ research industries.”

Maybe you think of yourself in terms of your history. “I am a boy/girl/man/woman, born in ___ state, ___ country. I schooled at ___ and graduated in ___ year. I now work at ___ as a ___ .”

You may believe that these stories are true because they are made up of events that you witnessed or experienced. However, do you realize how much of your history is manufactured by your mind? Filled in by your imagination?

Do any of these descriptions, any of these stories, really encompass all that you are? All that you experience? All that you know? Your hopes, dreams, fears and aspirations? Is any of this really you, or is it just data related to your existence in the place you call Earth?

Soul Agreements Make the World Go Round

soul agreement

Everything that happens in your life is vetted and scripted by higher consciousness

Consider that none of your interactions with your fellow actors, none of the events that occur in your daily life happen by chance. Every meeting and interaction with other beings is pre-agreed and pre-scripted. Soul agreements keep you bound to your family, your wife, your husband, your brothers, your sisters, your children, your employer.

As you drive along the road, a random car may collide into you from behind. You may call this an “accident”. Yet, there is no such thing. The “accident” can only occur because you and the other driver have a soul agreement that such a meeting will happen. You are co-creators of an “accident” experience.

You may watch tales of disaster on the news and weep and shake your head for earthquake victims. Tornado and tsunami victims. Airplane crash victims. You may wail at how unfair life is. But you may not realize that these are orchestrated, mass participation events. These are groups of actors whose roles have been scripted to create those events. The agreements they consented to outside of time specify that they are to collectively terminate their roles in that particular way and at that particular time in Earth reality. They are co-creators of a “disaster” event.

That Was Strange… Hmm… Anyway, Back to Work

Sometimes, you may be in conversation and a particular sequence of words will escape your mouth without your permission. You will suddenly find yourself speaking a particular line without knowing why, and without being able to stop yourself even as you realize you are doing it. You become baffled. Are you simply reciting your lines as an actor? Is it possible you were meant to recite that part of your script, whether you like it or not?

eyewitness car collision

The eternal split second

Sometimes a dramatic event will seem to occur just in time for you to witness it as you pass by. A collision may happen. A house may collapse right in front of your eyes. You may turn your head just in time to notice a car speeding right towards you. Time will seem to slow down as you watch the unusual event. In that moment of time – for just an instant – you can sense there is no time. For just a fleeting second, you can clearly see that your reality is not real. And then, suddenly the event is over, and physics is acting normally again. And it eventually becomes just another exciting story to tell your friends. And you never really consider the deeper significance of it.

Sometimes you may have a quarrel or disagreement with someone, or you may get into some kind of trouble. The kind of trouble that you know will escalate into a full-blown disaster the next day. You will toss and turn in your bed. You will run the scenario over and over again in your mind thousands of times, and will have a sleepless night. The next morning, you will wake up, resigned to your fate and ready to face the trouble you spent all night anticipating. Only for you to meet with your enemy and, to your surprise, he or she greets you cheerfully, and does not even seem to remember what you have been panicking all night about. Was the problem real at all? Did you imagine it?

You may notice that certain problems always seem to catch you unawares. You may be tough and aggressive most of the time and yet, at a critical moment of trouble, you will seem to be paralyzed and find that you cannot lift a finger to defend yourself. Is it that you were meant to suffer at that moment? Is that how your script was planned?

You may have dreams and later find that real life plays out exactly as your dream suggested.

You may meet a complete stranger and find out that you relate with them as if you have known each other before.

Certain props (such as money or a means of transportation) may suddenly become available to your character just at the moment you need it. You may need something to meet an urgent deadline, and have no way to get what you need. You panic and desperately ask everybody you know, but all your attempts meet a dead end. You fall into despair and start to worry about your future, only for the thing you needed to turn up just in time for your deadline by one mysterious process or the other. Or you may eventually find out that your deadline has been cancelled, so you are not in trouble after all.

Sometimes you may feel like you are living a particular moment in repeat. What is deja vu? Is it remembering something you have seen before? Or is it the moment when you suddenly recall the script for the part of the drama you are watching?

Can you put the clues together? Can you see what is going on here? Or are you too busy with the business of life to make understanding your life your business?

Maybe eventually you will come to realize that you and everything around you are just puppets of Higher Consciousness.

As a human being on Earth, sometimes Life may seem to you to be a matter of Life and Death. Literally. Human life and human death. But can you understand that from the perspective of Spirit, all is play?

Spirit does not die. Spirit is eternal. Spirit cannot be hurt or wounded. Spirit cannot lose.

So what does this mean for you? It means that everything that seems to threaten your happiness, everything that seems to threaten your existence, is an illusion.

If you understood this what would your life become? If you understood that Life was a huge playground, a cosmic drama, and you could choose what character you wanted to be and play whatever role you desired, what would you do? What fears would you abandon? What dreams would you pursue?

If you understood that all that stood between you and total freedom was a few ideas you were holding onto for your dear life, would you let go?

As always, please remember that these are my understandings and my ideas. They may or may not be relevant to you. If they make sense to you and you see how you can apply them in your own life, that’s great. If they make no sense to you and you can’t see any use for them, throw them away. Let your common sense and intuition be your guide. Read the disclaimer.