The Elephant Animal Spirit

elephant animal spirit

The Elephant – Groundedness, Strength, Focused Streams of Thought and Being

As I have come to understand it, one of the major differences between gods/higher dimensional beings/spiritual masters and the average ordinary human is in their stream of thought. The average human being’s thought processes are scattered, fragmented and inconsistent. They cannot keep their minds on one subject for very long and therefore they are always wasting and scattering precious mental energy which also wears out the physical body.

Gods and higher spiritual beings mental processes are a focused stream of uninterrupted energy. They can hold an idea for as long as it takes to achieve manifestation. You might say they have a smooth, focused, meditative state of consciousness.

When you can hold an idea steadily in your mind for an indefinite amount of time, the manifestation of that idea becomes inevitable, no matter how impossible or ridiculous that idea may appear.

The elephant spirit assists in achieving this quality of focused thought. It brings a gentle, calm and meditative demeanour that masks tremendous strength and great spiritual depth. The elephant is benevolent, accommodating and humorous because it knows it cannot be threatened. It sees everything and every situation as entertainment, as a harmless surface play and it gently embraces the flow of action without the need to force anything.

The elephant’s path is leisurely and unhurried, and yet is backed by tremendous wisdom, sensitivity and strength. Anything that gets in the way of its progress is gently but powerfully swept aside as it makes its way to its ultimate goal. The weight of the elephant provides a powerful grounding force and so it acts from a place of great security and confidence in itself and its abilities.

The elephant also possesses an extremely powerful focus and an iron mental discipline, an ability to tune out distractions completely, a razor sharp perception and keen sensitivity to events and their nuances. It accomplishes great tasks with few movements and little effort because its actions are based on a fine awareness of the big picture, the grand scheme, the connection between all things.

The elephant spirit is connected with the energy of Buddha and I encountered Buddha energies and manifestations more often than usual. I experienced it as a powerful yet focused and relaxed mental energy. Action flows from this state of consciousness not as a result of being active, but more from a state of “being”. In this state of consciousness “being” is active, and “action” is passive. For this reason results are achieved almost effortlessly.