What Is Love?

love and sunset

There’s so much talk about love. But what is love, really?

In my climb up the ladder of consciousness, I have had to battle with and overcome numerous forces, both internal and external. And learn profound lessons from those battles.

By far the most recurring theme I have encountered during this process is the theme of Love. The word keeps popping up everywhere like those pesky adverts that seem to trail you all over the internet. The lessons of Love always appear in different forms. For example:

  • “Love is all we need.”
  • “Abandon fear and embrace Love.”
  • “Release your resistance to Love.”
  • “Unconditional Love.”

Sometimes they even seem to contradict each other!

  • “Love without reservation” and (at the same time) “You owe nothing to anyone. Maintain strong boundaries.”
  • “Trust in the power of Love” and simultaneously “Be watchful and defend yourself!”

I had quite a bit of trouble with this, as attempting to love according to the conventional definition has — as I have come to discover — been responsible for the majority of my difficulties in life to date. To the point where I developed an aversion to the word “love”, and stumbling upon it always seemed to bring up unpleasant feelings for me. And yet, Spirit kept bombarding me with it, time after time, again and again.

So, recently I thought: You know what? Maybe I don’t understand this “love” thing. Maybe I should sit down with The Universe and get some clarity on exactly what the word “Love” means.

And I got the most interesting and surprising revelation, which I am about to share with you.

The Love Propaganda Campaign

steamy romantic scene

Everywhere you look, love seems to be equated with sex or romance.

For a long time, we have been living under a cloud of disinformation about what Love really is. Hollywood and popular media have constantly fed us the idea that “love” equals “romance”, or a raging desire for somebody you are attracted to. Love is what makes you kneel down in a public place and propose to your fiance or girlfriend. Love is why you buy expensive gifts, houses or cars for men or women you desire.

  • “I love you. Be my girlfriend.” or “I love you. Be my boyfriend.”
  • “I love you. Marry me.”

Even our peers and parents and elders haven’t really helped the situation, because the general prevailing idea about love is that it is a “feeling.” A feeling you have for people you care about. And so, you love your children. You love your husband or wife. You love your dog. You love your friends. You even love your car or your house.

But from what I now understand, when Spirit talks about love, it is talking about something quite different from the conventional idea of what love is.

Hmm, Thomas! Is This A Real Problem? Or A Philosophical One?

Yes, it’s a real problem that affects your life everyday. And I will explain why.

ice cream

Watch as I make you hate ice cream forever!

Let’s say I talk to you about ice cream. You have never seen or tasted ice cream before. But I am full of praise for it, and I repeat over and over like a broken record how wonderful it was and how it is the best thing God ever made. So naturally, you’re interested, and you want to experience ice cream for yourself. I respond by giving you a recipe and directions on how to make ice cream.

Still with me? Fine. The problem is, I give you the wrong recipe and directions, maybe as a practical joke (or more likely, because I foresee some kind of advantage in misleading you). I tell you to get three medium size rocks, crush them into powder, sprinkle some sugar on them and leave in the freezer for two days.

You try this, and it tastes sweet because of the sugar, but otherwise you don’t really see what all the fuss about this “ice cream” really is. You don’t know better because you haven’t had actual ice cream before, and henceforth, whenever someone mentions ice cream you say, “Tried it, didn’t like it.”

Do you see how I have destroyed the concept of ice cream for you? By giving you a false destination, I have turned you off a pleasurable experience. If I were really malicious, I would do this with something really important to your life and well-being, such as love. If I could get you to embrace a false idea of what love really is, I could keep you in a loop of suffering and confusion because in an attempt to secure this all-important love, you would chase people all over the place and allow your dignity to be trampled on and suffer undesirable experiences. You would give people everything you have and beg them to “love” you back, and they would get scared and run away from you. Not to mention that I would be able to make tons of money off you, because you would equate the expression of love with spending your money and buying material things for people you desire. I would use LOVE to drive my capitalist agenda.

A lot of what people call “love” these days is actually “desire.” Or “affection.” This is not to condemn desire or affection. They are perfectly wonderful, natural expressions. However, what the word “love” entails in a spiritual and natural sense is much bigger than that, and is a lot more than just “romance” or the desire to kiss people.

So What Is Love?

Love is an open, expanding state of consciousness. It is a complete acceptance and awareness that sees things from the point of view of compassion, from the perspective of the purpose they are meant to serve. The opposite of love is not hatred — the opposite of love is prejudice.

Prejudice is a closed, contracting state of consciousness. Prejudice is a fixed, uncompromising viewpoint that does not accept the possibility that there is more to understand.

Love Is Growth

plants germinating

Plant growth is a natural expression of the force of Love.

Love is an expansive, accommodating point of view. Prejudice is a closed, limited, stubborn point of view.

Love recognizes the need for change. Prejudice rejects change.

Love is always learning. Love is intelligent. Prejudice is stuck — it is a hole that digs and buries itself.

Love embraces all possibilities. Prejudice sees only one: “I am right. You are wrong.”

Squirrels inspecting a camera

Animal curiosity is a natural expression of Love. (from http://www.the-photography-blogger.com)

Love is a Divine Intelligence, a natural drive for higher evolution. It is a learning machine — a machine that makes mistakes, recognizes its mistakes as opportunities, learns from them and becomes wiser and more perfect. Prejudice only sees the mistakes of others. Therefore, it does not learn and does not improve.

Love is the universal principle that drives creation: Explore. Experiment. Learn. Grow. Multiply. Love creates. It supports — desires — creation. Love is pro-creation.


Flowers are visible result of the creative and artistic side of Nature.

Prejudice is contraction. Prejudice is the refusal to learn anything new. Prejudice destroys. Prejudice is pro-destruction. Prejudice is death — the root of death itself.

For this simple reason, those who strive to explore Love — those who try to understand — will grow, improve and expand. Those who refuse to understand — those who stubbornly stick to one point of view — are doomed to shrivel, reduce and die.

Love Is The Mind Of A Child

Superhero kid

Love is a state in which only possibilities exist.

Love recognizes all possibilities. Love is the excited child saying,”One day I’ll fly too! Just like Superman!” Prejudice is the bitter old man jeering, “Shut up and go read your books! If you’re lucky, one day you’ll get a job at the bank.”

Jesus - Let the little children come to me...

Jesus recognized the mind of children as the mind of love.

Love recognizes similarities. Love sees what things have in common and how they can be combined harmoniously. Prejudice sees only differences and incompatibilities. Prejudice cannot create anything inspiring because it is too busy criticizing.

So What Is Love?

joyful person in the sunset

You are more than just a person with a job and a salary.

Why do you feel the desire to meet new people? To make new friends?

Why do you feel the urge to travel to new places, to do new things, read new information?

Why do you feel the need to improve, expand and become more?

Is it because you’re looking for love?


It’s because you are love. Love is what you are made of.

Love is what you are.

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